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Subaddress of Geography and Cartography


  •  Advise and recommend to the General Directorate and to the relevant authorities, the policies, regulations, plans, programs, projects and processes for the production, updating and maintenance of the information, and the geodetic, photogrammetric, cartographic and geographic products and services of the country. 
  • Design the rules that should be issued by the Institute as the highest and main authority of the country in technical subjects related to geodesy, photogrammetry, basic cartography, geography, territorial ordering, limits of territorial entities and geographical names. 
  • Lead and manage the production, maintenance, custody, preservation and standardized documentation of the official basic digital cartography of the country at different scales, in subjects such as geodetic control, images from airborne sensors, photo control, geographic names, heights, orthoimages, and hydrography to meet the needs of internal and external users, in the context of spatial data infrastructures. 
  • Lead and implement the design, establishment and administration of the National Systems for Geodetic, Gravimetric and Geomagnetic References of the country. 
  • Certify the information from the National Reference Networks. 
  • Direct and conduct the research, certification and registration of the geographical names and administrate the National Geographic Names Base. 
  • Lead and execute the field surveys for projects related to photo control, boundary demarcation, georeferenciation and topography, according to the production plans and mapping applications for internal and external users. 
  • Lead and perform the aerial photogrammetric surveys, according to the quality standards and criterias of coverage of the national territory to the required scales in the production of basic cartography of the country. 
  • To establish, lead, manage and maintain the National Bank of Images in the context of the national policies of geographic information for the collection, acquisition, organization, distribution, access and use of the photographic and satellite images of the country. 
  • Support the National Government in the development and provision of official cartography and advise them, for the development of its functions related to the national security and the preservation of the territorial sovereignty. 
  • Provide technical support to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the demarcation and maintenance of international borders, as well as issues related to the geography of borders. 
  • Lead and perform the investigation, production, update, custody, preservation and standardized documentation of the information, products and services derived from the geography, the territorial ordering, the limits of territorial entities and the geographical names. 
  • Lead and perform investigations, studies, methodologies, advisory services, answering inquiries and issues of technical concepts for the elaboration and updating of the Atlas of Colombia, the Regional Atlas, the Thematic Atlas, the Geographies and the territorial diagnoses, the Geographic Dictionary and other geographical studies and thematic cartography, without prejudice of the functions that in aspects of thematic cartography and environmental synthesis, will develop the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies - IDEAM. 
  • Leading and coordinating the production and processing of the information on the description, distribution, organization and dynamics of the geographical space of the country, in order to support the planning and territorial ordering processes, as also make studies, investigations and consultancy in the same issues. 
  • Validate the official information for the elaboration of the bases and technical recommendations for territorial ordering, in coordination with the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies-Ideam, and the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining - Ingeominas. 
  • To lead and perform the operations in surveying and marking of the territorial entities of the Republic of Colombia, guiding and coordinating the technical support for the evaluation of naming files and the determination of the land boundaries of black communities and of lands conforming Indians shelters.
  • Develop and update the thematic maps of territorial entities of Indian reservations and of black communities’ lands. 
  • Certify the geographic areas of the territorial entities in Colombia in accordance with the current rules, the areas of influence of landscape objects and the extension of them within the requests of interested people. 
  • Implement and update the geographic information system for the production and supply of geodetic, photogrammetric, cartographic and geographic products, in the Geographic Information System of the IGAC - Sigac. 
  • Design, propose and update, in conjunction with the competent agencies, standards and technical specifications, procedures and standards to regulate the production of geodetic, photogrammetry, cartographic and official basic geographic information.
  • Support the development of the Colombian Spatial Data Infrastructure, ICDE, in cartographic and geographic issues. 
  • Perform research and development projects, and studies of methodologies, systems and procedures, in the context of the National System of Science and Technology, and in coordination with the Research and Development of Geographic Information Centre, CIAF, to ensure the appropriation of new technologies and optimization of production and information processes, geodetic products and services, photogrammetric, cartographic and geographic services, according to the investigation policies of the Institute. 
  • To advise the General Directorate and participate in cartographic and geographical aspects, to the technical-scientific national and international agencies and entities. 
  • Other functions inherent to the nature of this Department and as assigned by the laws in force.
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