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Research and Investigation Centre, CIAF


As the Center of Research and Development in Geographic Information of IGAC, CIAF contributes, from the interaction of its thematic groups based in Geomatic science, to create, update, integrate, disseminate, implement and share the results of their projects through the transfer of knowledge, consulting and advising as well as technical cooperation. 


Its functional structure, based around information and knowledge management, serves as support for the processes of planning and development of the country and the region.


Experiences and progress made so far have been taken advantage of under these guidelines to identify local opportunities characterized by greater use of technology and communication information (TIC) and the need to use geospatial information in the context of sustainable development for which inter-institutional cooperation, agreements on management and the standardization of geographic information have been essential.


According to the role established by Decree 208 of 2004, CIAF is divided into three subgroups: the areas of Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing and Geographic Applications, and Spatial Data Infrastructures and Information Management which, in turn, form the Knowledge Management group, responsible for linking the areas of investigation, new educational models, and broadcasting structures in order to contribute to institutional capacity development and the national implementation of application-oriented technologies to support geographic decision-making.


The CIAF has the responsibility to help IGAC "establish itself as the main Governmental producer and supplier of basic digital geographic information of high quality as needed for the comprehensive and sustainable development of the country" and provide access to basic geographic information.


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