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Internal Control

Established by Decree 2113 of 1993 as a support and advisory office in the organization, in order to ensure efficient and effective functioning of the Internal Control System and Management at the Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi - IGAC.

With the promulgation of Act 87 of 1993, reaffirms the performance of these functions, then regulated by Decree 2145 of 1999 which identifies four key topics in his act namely advisory role or accompanying evaluation function, promoting the culture of self and relationship with external agencies.

The Office of Internal Control constitutes the "control checks" for excellence as it determines in its work evaluating the effectiveness of the control system of the entity, in order to assist senior management in making decisions that redirect administrative actions towards achieving their goals.



  • Advise the General Management in the definition, organization and implementation of the Internal Control System of the entity and, from the evaluation of its results, recommend the necessary adjustments to optimize the use and use of human, physical, technical and of the Institute
  • Verify and evaluate the operation of the Internal Control System, management and quality, and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluate the management of the dependencies based on the management indicators developed.
  • Ensure compliance with the Institute's rules, policies, procedures, plans, programs, projects and goals; advise the departments in their development and recommend the necessary adjustments.
  • Evaluate the application of the procedures and the administrative, technical, financial, systems and human resources controls established, as well as the security and control mechanisms of the information and communications and identify, with the dependencies, the causes of the deficiencies found and recommend the necessary corrective measures to optimize their use and exploitation.
  • Conduct periodic evaluations on the implementation of the Institutional Development Plan, the Administrative Development Plan and compliance with the activities and functions of each unit based on indicators of effectiveness, efficiency, quality and economy, and propose the necessary preventive and corrective measures .
  • To foster in the Institute a culture of self-control that contributes to the continuous improvement in the fulfillment of the institutional mission and to follow up the execution of the improvement plans in coordination with the dependencies.
  • Evaluate and verify the citizen participation mechanisms implemented in the Institute to resolve in an effective and timely manner the complaints and claims presented by the users of the entity.
  • Ensure the proper execution of operations and compliance with administrative, financial and contractual requirements in accordance with the procedures established in the entity, and inform the Director General when irregularities occur in them.
  • Propose and execute the programs and projects of the Institute that develop their mission and that are part of the functions of the dependency.


Control Interno
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