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Integrated Management System Policy - SGI

(Internal Resolution No. 666 of 2017)

The Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute is committed to producing, supplying and disseminating reliable and timely information and knowledge in geodesy, geography, cartography, agrology, cadastre, geospatial technologies and knowledge transfer in missionary matters, which comply with legal, technical and other requirements, with the needs and expectations of the clients and interest groups, with the continuous improvement of the effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, through the implementation of management tools, strengthening of the skills of the personnel, the allocation of resources, the improvement in physical and technological infrastructure, application of best professional practices and the analysis of the environment and its changes in order to contribute to the achievement of institutional objectives and in a specific manner, oriented to the following management systems (See Resolution 666 of 2017):


  1. Quality management system.
  2. Internal Control System.
  3. Environmental management system.
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  5. Information Security Management System.
  6. Document management system.
  7. System for the Management of the National Soil Laboratory.
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