Department of Agrology



- To advise and recommend to the General Directorate and relevant institutions the policies, regulations, plans, programs, projects and processes for the production, updating and maintaining information, products and agrologic services.

- To plan rules to be issued by the Institute as the highest authority of the country in technical issues related to soil surveying and the laboratory analysis of the physical, chemical, mineralogical, micro-morphological and biological properties of soil as well as the inventory, use, handling, classification and zoning of land.

- To direct and carry out the standard production, upgrade, supervision, preservation and documentation of programs and projects related to soil surveying and the inventory of the country's land, its identification, classification and systematization on different scales within the framework of the infrastructure spatial data.

- To direct and implement programs and projects related to the identification of the use and management of land in order to classify and zone them in support of the cadastral, planning, and development processes in the formation of indigenous reserves.

To support soil surveys for agriculture, forestry, and land use planning for public and private entities and individuals who perform them, in accordance with the Institute’s specifications for this purpose.

- To update and adapt the field and laboratory methods for soil surveys and their interpretation for cadastral, geographic or other purposes.

- To coordinate and conduct studies and research related to the country's soil, its physical-chemical, mineralogical and biological characterizations and agrologic applications.

- To maintain and update the Land Museum of Colombia, in coordination with the Office of Information Dissemination and Marketing.

- To validate the official national information related to the dynamic processes of the soil, in coordination with the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) and the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining (Ingeominas).

- To direct and manage the National Soils Laboratory, and coordinate and implement programs, projects, activities and analytical processes of the physical, chemical, mineralogical, micromorphological and biological qualities of soil.

- To implement and maintain the geographic information system for the production and delivery of agrologic products in the Geographic Information System of IGAC - Sigac.

- To design, advance, and update - in conjunction with the responsible agencies - the norms, specifications, procedures and standards to regulate the production of basic official agrological information.

- To support the development of the Colombian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ICDE) in agrologic issues.

- To develop plans and programs as well as investigation and development projects on methods, systems and procedures for the handling of agrological information under the auspices of the National System of Science and Technology, in coordination with the Central Office of Research and Development in Geographic Information, CIAF.

- To advise the General Management and present agrologic issues before national and international techno-scientific organizations and agencies.

- All other functions inherent in its role as well as those assigned by statutory provisions.



Dirección Oficina Sede Central Bogotá - Carrera 30 Nº 48-51
Oficinas de atención al ciudadano Conmutador 57-1-3694000 ó 57-1-3694100
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