About IGAC
    What do we do?    
 Our Mission   

The Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi, IGAC, is the entity responsible for producing the official map and the basic cartography of Colombia; developing the national property register; creating the soil characteristics inventory; advancing geographic investigations in support of territorial development; training and educating professionals in geographic information technologies, and coordinating the “Colombian Spatial Data Infrastructure” or ICDE.


To produce, provide and disseminate information and knowledge in areas such as cartography, agrology, cadastre, geography and geospatial technology, and to regulate its management in support of the processes of planning and integral development of the country.

     Our Vision - 2012        

Our Aim



To be the leading entity in the production and dissemination of information, products, services and knowledge of cartography, agrology, cadastre, geography and geospatial technologies, both nationally and in Latin America.


IGAC is a national public establishment which aims to fulfill its constitutional mandate concerning the development and updating of the official map of the Republic of Colombia; developing policies and implementing the plans of the National Government in cartography, agrology, cadastre and geography, through the production, analysis and dissemination of environmental and geo-referenced cadastral information in order to support the processes of planning and land regulation as well as train professionals in geographic information technologies and coordinate the Colombian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ICDE).

     Institutional Identity   



Institutional Values


We are an entity at the service of the country that works with transparency, professionalism, tradition and prestige with employees that exercise and promote the following values:

1. Honesty

2. Commitment     

3. Responsibility

4. Quality     

5. Respect

6. Membership     

7. Efficiency

8. A Positive Attitude     

9. Team Work

10. Loyalty    

11. Self Control

     Quality Policies              

The Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi is committed to providing national cartographic, agrological, cadastral and geographic information that satisfies the needs and expectations of its clients.

This means:

•    Fulfillment of the technical specifications requested by and commitments made to our clients.      
•    Rapid delivery of products and services.

•    Customer Service

This is achieved by:

•    Updated information with national coverage.
•    Competent employees with a positive attitude and commitment.
•    Teamwork of all areas that make up the Institute.
•    Appropriate technologies.
•    Continuous improvement.





Dirección Oficina Sede Central Bogotá - Carrera 30 Nº 48-51
Oficinas de atención al ciudadano Conmutador 57-1-3694000 ó 57-1-3694100
Línea de Atención al Cliente 01-8000-915570 y 57-1-3683443 | e-mail de contacto: cig@igac.gov.co
Línea de Quejas y Reclamos 01-8000-958095 | e-mail de contacto: quejasyreclamos@igac.gov.co
Abierto al público de lunes a viernes de 8:00 a.m. a 4:30 p.m. jornada continua
Para notificaciones judiciales:notificaciones.judiciales@igac.gov.co
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